Sunday, 26 July 2015

Kenilworth Web Design Launches a Reward Scheme

Keep your website secure from hackers by making sure it's up to date, before you lose important data from your website or even worse, the entire website!

If you have the ability to edit your own website, the code used to provide this functionality occasionally has bugs in it, which can allow a hacker to take control of your website.
It’s similar to updating your computer to keep that secure and prevent hackers, the updates also come with new features, ensuring you always have the latest functionality.

The main Content Management Systems that are used, are great because there is plenty of support and an endless list of add-ons to easily extend the functionality of a website, but because they are so widely used, they are a bigger target for hackers.

To reduce the chance of a website being hacked, it’s important to keep it’s core framework and any add-ons up to date, because as people become aware of weaknesses in code, the developer will amend his code and release an update.

The problem is that when updating the framework or add-ons, occasionally something goes wrong and your website database can become corrupted. It’s therefore essential to back your database up before doing any updates and this isn’t a job for a novice.

It takes time to backup the database, update the code and check the site to see if everything is behaving as expected, with the possibility of having to spend time restoring the website from the backup.

However important, it’s rare a maintenance fee is agreed upon to cover the time needed to carry out these updates, so we’ve decided to offer a Reward Scheme where we will update websites built by Kenilworth Web Design FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for interacting with our social media pages. Find out more by clicking here!

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